Friday, 25 October 2013

Spring Data Neo4j 2.3.1.RELEASE and Neo4j 1.9.4 Upgrading

I'm back with a quick post (with more to come soon).

I was in the middle of upgrading my little test project to a newer version of Spring Data Neo4j and Neo4j itself when I came across a few little points that others might find useful (though it should be noted that Neo4j is set to release 2.0 very soon and is currently doing milestone releases).

I upgraded SDN to 2.3.1.RELEASE and Neo4j (all aspects of it, including Cypher) to 1.9.4.

Here are a couple "gotchas" I encountered:


It would seem that CGLIB has been moved out of one of the Neo4j or SDN dependencies; however, I also found that--with the SDN/Neo4j combination I'm using--that a specific version is required, namely 2.2.2.

Adding this bit into my POM fixed things up nicely:


No bean named 'graphDatabaseService' is defined

This one was fun.  As confirmed in this Neo4j forum thread (which actually uses Neo4j 1.7 and SDN 2.1.0.Build-Snapshot), when configuring Neo4j in an application context, the bean ID for the graph database service (whether it's embedded or from a server) must be "graphDatabaseService", similar to this:

<bean id="graphDatabaseService"
<constructor-arg index="0" value="http://someserver:7474/db/data" />

If this little nuance is overlooked, you could very well see exceptions when, say, starting up your application server with your SDN-based application.

In my case, Maven compiled my WAR file just fine, but, starting up Tomcat produced a slew of exceptions.

It would seem that this is an ongoing issue, though, perhaps it's a necessary change from the SDN folks.  We'll just have to see!

Hopefully some people find these tidbits useful.

We'll see you on the next post!

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